Al Hartman Named a Texas Commercial Real Estate Icon by Industry Peers

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Al Hartman, President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Hartman Companies and the CEO of Hartman Income REIT Management, Inc. (Hartman) has been named a Texas Commercial Real Estate Icon by the well-known industry publication REDnews, a Real Estate Journals Company.

Al Hartman

40 years ago, Al Hartman began the journey of building what is now a flourishing Texas-based commercial real estate powerhouse. Under his leadership, the firm owns 59 commercial properties, has sponsored 29 investments programs, and has over $809M in assets under its management.

The CRE Icon award recognizes inspirational leaders who have significantly shaped the commercial real estate landscape of their respective cities.

Commenting on his success in commercial real estate, Al Hartman shared with REDnews, “Despite the economic downturns that hit Texas in the late 1980s and 1990s, our business continued to grow; this is when we purchased 20 foreclosure properties. Acquiring underperforming CRE assets and then deploying our expertise in fixing and leasing them up into exceptionally performing assets is part of our competitive advantage. History has proved opportunity lies even in the worst of times.”

Today, Al Hartman credits his firm’s continued success to the determination of his team to exemplify what he refers to as white-glove service; exceptional attention to detail and a commitment to truly inspired service, driven by the company’s core values. In his REDnews interview, he explains it as “The individuals who work at this firm operate at an elevated level of excellence. Customer service must be the job of everyone in the company; when that becomes the case, excellence will follow.”

As Al Hartman’s commercial real estate firm moves into 2022, his vision of excellence is reflected in their recent Net Promoter Score survey, a market research tool used to gauge the loyalty of a company’s customers. The company notched a 69.3% landing it as a top recommended commercial real estate firm by tenants.

About the author:
Al Hartman is the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Hartman Advisors and the CEO of Hartman Income REIT Management, Inc. Learn more about Al Hartman and follow Al Hartman on Twitter and LinkedIn.