Understanding Office Investing in 2022

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As we see it today, the pandemic has transformed businesses’ needs and the future of work is not quite the same as we expected it to be. Tenants changed how they approach their office space needs, including the office amenities they desire. At Hartman, we doubled down by offering new suite styles, remained focused on providing white-glove service, and quickly invested in technology to entice and retain our office tenants.

In this Crexi podcast, our CIO David Wheeler and Director of Marketing, Anthony Trollope offer a deep-dive into the upcoming trends shaping office investing in 2022, noting that the influx of new businesses is one of the most exciting events shaping the state of Texas.


Watch Hartman Income REIT’s conversation with Crexi’s Ryan Schlesinger to learn more.



About the author:
Al Hartman is the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Hartman Advisors and the CEO of Hartman Income REIT Management, Inc. Learn more about Al Hartman and follow Al Hartman on Twitter and LinkedIn.