April Letter from Al Hartman

Dear Hartman Team Members,

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to hitting our goals in the 1st quarter. We are moving with velocity to reach our goal of 85% occupancy by the end of 2021. March’s leasing activity for all markets was 131,438 square feet leased, finishing the 1st quarter over budget by 1.09%. Occupancy at the end of March was budgeted to be 78.34%, and we ended the month at 79.19%, with another 2% increase potential in the pipeline. Leads were up 36%, property tours were up 42%, and space planning meetings were up 40% when comparing the 1st quarter with the 4th quarter of 2020.

The Leasing Department had an excellent March and continues our strong pace into 2021. Let us congratulate Lynna Smith for her outstanding performance as the top producer generating a 6.14% occupancy increase across her portfolio this month.

Having care and compassion for our customers, being accountable, and honoring the commitments we make is an intrinsic part of our core values. Achieving our goals and propelling our growth requires that we consistently perform in a way that creates a firm bond of trust with our tenants. It is through excellence and our white-glove service that our brand promise shines. Our dedication to this regularly bears fruit in the form of referrals from our existing tenants. We all know how a personal recommendation from someone we trust is the biggest influence there can be on decisions we make, and so that is why we place such importance on generating referrals here. Well done for all your efforts this month, and may it continue to lead us toward our occupancy growth goals. Congratulations to Danyale Edwards and Amy Garcia for winning the most referrals for the 1st quarter.

I was excited to read all the positive feedback from you all in the recent “The Best Places to Work” survey. Your top reasons for celebration are camaraderie, appreciation, community involvement, career advancements, and our company’s culture. We are also working hard to improve in areas where we need to and appreciate your feedback to make this company truly the best place to work!

It was gratifying to celebrate the recent compensation increases and promotions throughout our company. I am proud of each of you, and it delights me to see the great work you all put in, and the careers we are fostering here at the company. We recognize and celebrate our achievements.

I was thrilled to see each of you at the company-wide meeting this past Friday. I always relish the opportunity to come together, celebrate our victories, and look ahead to brainstorming initiatives to help drive our goals for the quarter forward. I wanted to thank you all for your enthusiastic participation in our new DARTs. As we recently learned in our C12 group sessions, we must run like buffalos directly into the storm and confront whatever challenges lie ahead in reaching our year-end goal of 85% occupancy together.

As you all know, we are chasing 85% occupancy by the end of 2021. We need to be obsessed with results and push ourselves to the highest level with the highest intentions. As I shared at the company-wide, the company will begin to thrive when we hit that 85% occupancy and push to 90%. Our company will reach new heights if we exceed our 2021 budget. As we strive to be dramatically better and hit our goals, it is good for all. I want you to keep in mind; excellence is never an accident, so be relentless and ruthless.

In close, I hope you all celebrated our Lord and Savior during Easter and Passover. Jesus is Risen! As Jesus says in the book of Matthew, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always to the very end.” Jesus is instructing us to live as disciples in everything we do and say. Our tenants, vendors, coworkers, investors, and anyone we talk to each day should see Christ living within us by our actions and words.

God Bless you all!

Al Hartman

About the author:
Al Hartman is the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Hartman Advisors and the CEO of Hartman Income REIT Management, Inc. Learn more about Al Hartman and follow Al Hartman on Twitter and LinkedIn.